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Edie Hovey Headshot by Cameron Radicé Photography

I grew up in Georgia with my parents, Paul and Jami, two sisters, Kaytie and Jacquelyn, and one brother, Bradley. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Auburn University with a degree in Liberal Arts.   


My love of film began at an early age. As a toddler, I would critique characters and films, and I even began to take on fake names and character traits for extended periods of time. Long live "Mary Ariel!" Throughout my life, my obsession with film only increased and enticed me to become involved. I started with small theatre involvement. After college, I participated in acting competitions and won Top Ten awards in my division, which led me to signing with my first manager.

I have been a part of many award-winning projects. I am most recognized for my work with Spike Jonze in The New Normal and for my lead role in Steven Spielberg and the Return to Film School. I have worked in feature films, television, shorts, and commercials since I was a teen, and I continue to do so in Los Angeles, where I currently live. I also work in the Southeast area, primarily around Atlanta, where I grew up. With a comprehensive list of training by private coaches and improv studies with the Groundlings, I am well-versed in all genres. I currently study film and television scene work, script breakdown, and character studies at Zak Barnett Studios. While my true passion is acting, I have experience in screenwriting and producing, as well as extensive expertise in script editing. Having experience both in front of and behind the camera makes me a distinctly knowledgeable asset on any set.

Photo credit: Cameron Radicé

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